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Wolf Den Ministries provides a wide variety of services geared toward assisting and enriching individuals, families, and communities.
Click on the name of a service for more information about each, including rates, if applicable.

*Most paid services are available at low or no cost to qualifying clients. Click here for more details.*

Officiant Services:

Weddings; Handfastings; Unions, Commitment Ceremonies; Vow Renewals
Christenings; Wiccanings; Naming & Dedication Ceremonies
Rites of Passage
Funerals; Wakes; Memorials; Eulogies; End of Life/Crossing Ceremonies
Blessing Rituals & Ceremonies
Cleansing, Banishing, & Recharging Rituals
Any other type of ceremony or ritual that you would like officiated or performed by a member of the Clergy or experienced Practioner.

Spiritual Wellbeing:

Spiritual Advising & Guidance
Instruction & Mentorship
Guided Meditations
Additional Resources

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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing:

Individual Counselling
Couples/Family Counselling
Addiction Counselling

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Physical Wellbeing:

Hands on Healing Energy Work
Fire Cupping
Fire Drumming; Heat Therapy

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Crisis Intervention:

We can assist with and/or put you in touch with the right agencies to help you with
Domestic Abuse
Child, Elder, Dependent Adult Abuse or Neglect
Involuntary Displacement
Emergency Housing and Food
Landlord Tenant Issues
Other Legal Issues
Slave & Sub Safety Network

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*Wolf Den Ministries is Poly/ GLBTQ/Leather/Kink/BDSM Friendly!*