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Unions of Love

Weddings, Handfastings, Unions, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, etc...

As the most important day of your life, the day you formally pledge your love and commitment to another should be uniquely yours, memorable and beautiful.

Whether you want a simple, civil type service, an elaborate handfasting ritual, a ceremony which blends traditions, a traditional church wedding, or anything else you can dream up, I will work with you to make that happen.

Unlike many officiates, I will not insist upon any set "script" or order for your ceremony. It is your day and I will do my best to help make it a perfect one that you will cherish forever. If you aren't sure what form your ceremony will take, I can assist you in creating one that is right for you. Anything from the very traditional to the outrageously different... It's all up to you! I have at my disposal a large collection of resources and sample ceremonies to help give you ideas when we meet to plan your day.

[click here for examples of ceremonies I have conducted]

The first step after contacting me will be to set up a meeting so we can talk about what you want and plan from there. This is also when we would discuss my fee, which can vary depending on the time of year, location, planning involved and type of event. I do not have a set rate schedule, however I try to keep my fees very affordable, and are far below the going rates in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area.
My base charge for a simple ceremony is usually $250.00. A more elaborate ceremony or one that requires a lot of extra preparation or travel will be more, but I have never had any ceremony go over $400.00 and most are not over $300.00.
There is, of course, no charge for our initial meeting.

Included in my services are at least 2-3 in-person meetings with the couple (or triad, etc...) to assist in planning and choosing vows and such, pre-commitment counseling (if desired) and as much contact with me by phone or email as you want or need to make sure your day is as wonderful as it can possibly be. I can supply many items for the ceremony as well, such as candleholders, vases, wedding oil, dropcloths, etc. There is no additional charge for providing anything that I have on hand already, and I can get many items you may need at lower cost for you, so feel free to ask about anything. I can also design and print invitations, place cards, stationary, thank you cards (for after the wedding) for you, help you find a photographer, caterer, and other services to make your planning easier. At the conclusion of your ceremony, you will be presented a certificate that you can frame and display.
[Click here to see some examples.]

I also allow and encourage you to have input as to how I will be attired to officiate. Again, it is your event, not mine. The main stipulations are that skyclad rituals must be performed on private property for legal reasons (darn those pesky laws!) and if special clothing needs to be purchased, there may be an additional charge to defray the cost.

*Wolf Den Ministries is Poly/ GLBTQ/Leather/Kink/BDSM Friendly!*