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Wolf Den Ministries provides a wide variety of services geared toward assisting and enriching individuals, families, and communities.
Click on the name of a service for more information about each, including rates, if applicable.

*Most paid services are available at low or no cost to qualifying clients. Click here for more details.*

Officiant Services:

Weddings; Handfastings; Unions, Commitment Ceremonies; Vow Renewals
Christenings; Wiccanings; Naming & Dedication Ceremonies
Rites of Passage
Funerals; Wakes; Memorials; Eulogies; End of Life/Crossing Ceremonies
Blessing Rituals & Ceremonies
Cleansing, Banishing, & Recharging Rituals
Any other type of ceremony or ritual that you would like officiated or performed by a member of the Clergy or experienced Practioner.

Spiritual Wellbeing:

Spiritual Advising & Guidance
Guided Meditations
Additional Resources

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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing:

Individual Counselling
Couples/Family Counselling
Addiction Counselling

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Physical Wellbeing:

Hands on Healing Energy Work
Fire Cupping
Fire Drumming; Heat Therapy

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Crisis Intervention:

Domestic Abuse
Child, Elder, Dependent Adult Abuse or Neglect
Involuntary Displacement
Slave & Sub Safety Network

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*Wolf Den Ministries is Poly/ GLBTQ/Leather/Kink/BDSM Friendly!*